Hamul ❤ Roblox

We are excited to announce that we’re joining Roblox! We started Hamul as a group of friends who were passionate about gaming and building communities. We understood that playing games online is more fun when you can do it together and make new friends. We set out to improve the quality of relationships by offering new ways for people to express themselves and connect to like-minded gamers.

At Roblox, we have the opportunity to continue to pursue this same mission. Most of our early adopters were Roblox users and we are very familiar with the platform. Roblox is on a mission to connect a billion people in the metaverse with optimism and civility. This requires thriving communities, where people can strengthen friendships, make new ones, learn, collaborate and play together. 

We want to thank all of our friends, family, supporters, partners, and devoted Ham champs. Thank you for holding your birthday parties, FNF contests, movie nights, and playing games with us every day. Hope to see you all on Roblox!

We will sunset the Hamul product in April 2022 and all existing user data will be deleted.

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