Best Interactive Gaming Experience You'll Ever Have!

Play your games face-to-face, splat your friend's screen, send sound clips at the right moments, and meet gamers from around the world!

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Just the right amount of overlay

Vertical or horizontal, one participant or many, you can position Hamul so it fits on top of your games, without getting in the way.

Just lurking with friends?

Want to hangout with your friends while they game, but chill on the couch? Well, now you can!

Screen share your gameplay

Web App to join from anywhere

No camera?
No problem.

There are tons of fun social features to make playing games together a blast.

React at the perfect moment

Using whatever hotkey you want, you can quickly pull up the emoji and sound wheels to give the perfect hilarious, or brutal feedback, at the perfect moment.

I am so proud of this community
Stop flaming

Made for Gamers


Share your screen, or just the game

100s of games

Hamul works on top of 100s of major titles and games

Join from anywhere

Hamul works on PC and in your browser! Coming soon to Mac

Group Chat

Keep the conversation going in the chat sidebar

Friendly to streamers

Spice up your content and easily stream with Hamul

+ More coming soon!

We’re actively working on tons of awesome features

In it together

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